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Tapan’s Appearances for the year 2007


YEAR 2007

Jan 14-18

Jan 21st

   3M Corporation

  Jan 27th

    Private Event - San Jose, Ca

Jan 30th

Jan 31st

Onion Comedy â‚€œ Comedy for the Onion Magazine !! San Francisco, Ca

  Feb 2nd

   Oracle Corporation

  Feb 8th

  Feb 10th

  Patel Baby Shower Gig , Birmingham, Al

  Feb 14th

   IBM Corporation (WaikikiHawaii) - Tentative

    Feb 28th

  Mar 3rd

   Mar 6th

   Mar 10th

   Leukamia Fundraiser , Las VegasNv

    Mar 9th

     California Club, Ca

   Mar 21st

    Mar 22nd

  Mar 28th

    Mar 30th

Industry Showcase,  Hollywood,Ca

   Mar 31st

Apr 4th

    Apr 17th

     Throckmorton Theatre

Apr  21  -  23

April 24th

  Apr 27th

    Golden Peacock, Fremont,Ca - Private Event

   May 3rd

   Pepperbellys – Fairfield,Ca

  May 5th

   Private Event Foundation for Excellence

  May 8th

   San Jose Improv – Comedy Competition

 May 16th

  Pundits with Punchlines Season 3 – Tommy Ts Comedy Club

   May 18th

 Pundits with Punchlines Season 3 – Golden Peacock

   May 21st

  Pundits with Punchlines Season 3 – Punchline SF Comedy Club.

   May 24th

  Massimos In Fremont

May 26th

May 27th

May 29th

June 4th

   June 17th

Geek Comedy Night at Rooster T Feathers

  June 26th

June 29th

  India For You Night

July 5th – 8th

  July 11th

  July 12th – 15th

  July 20-22nd

  Pepperbellys with John Witherspoon

  July 26th

   Pundits with Punchlines at Pepperbellys Fairfield Ca

July 27th, 28th,29th

San Jose Improv with Don McMillan

  July 30th

 Pundits with Punchlines at the SF Punchline

  August 1st

 Pundits with Punchlines at Tommy Ts Pleasanton

  August 3rd

   Iron Comic with Nato Green

  August 4th

 Private Gig with Samson Koletkar

August 9th

Gig in Lodi,Ca with Tessie Chua

  August 10th

 CoExist Comedy – Relegion Based Comedy Geary Theatre - Sacramento

  August 11th

  CoExist Comedy – Relegion Based Comedy Geary Theatre - Sacramento

  August 12th

 NBC Diversity Showcase

  August 17th

 Doboy Comedy Showcase - Sacramento,Ca

August 21st

City Hall Comedy Club in Davis

August 22nd

Rooster T Feathers Showcase

August 23rd

University of Nevada, Reno

   Sept 7,8,9

Beach Comedy Jam,  Cayucos,Ca

Sept 11th

Tapan’s Birthday Gig at Punchline San Francisco

  September 12th – 17th

 Vancouver Comedy Festival

September 19th

Black Oak Casino – San Francisco Comedy Competition

September 20th

California State University Ballroom

September 21st

Marin Showcase Theatre SF Comedy Competition

September 22nd

TBA for the SF Comedy Competiton

September 23rd

Crows Nest Santa Cruze SF Comedy Competion

Sept 27th

Ice House Comedy Club

Sept 29th

Saachi Club – Long Beach,Ca

Sept 30th

CoExist Comedy at Westside Eclectic in Santa Monica

  Oct 6th

  Rolling Hills Casino

 Oct 7th  - 13th

 Boston Comedy Festival 

Oct 15 -16th

Punchline Comedy Club – San Francisco with The Meehan Brothers.

Oct 21st

Stanford University

Nov 12/13/14

Geek Week at SFCC with the Geek Comedy Showcase

Nov 15th – 18th

Rooster T Feathers

Nov 29th

CoExist Comedy Tour at the Sacramento Punchline

Nov 30th

Corporate Gig in Sunnyvale (Tentative)

Dec 10th

CoExist Comedy Tour at the SF Punchline

Dec 15th

CoExist Comedy Tour with the SF Athiests

Dec 16th

CoExist Comedy Tour with the SF Athiests

Dec 28th

Yuba City New Years Eve Tentative

Dec 30th

Crow’s Nest Santa Cruz

Dec 31st

Best of SF Standup at Vacaville Performance Center