Things that make me happy:-

1) Seeing my daughter spontaneously erupt into laughter
2) Seeing my wife happy
3) The Daily Show with Jon Stewart
4) Writing new funny jokes
5) Performing comedy
6) Eating Chicken Sandwiches
7) My mom
8) Monk on USA Networks
9) Driving my Prius
10) Ice Cream
11) Sex Sex Sex
12) Boobs – even non sexual ones
13) Achieving my goals
14) My mom’s old smile
15) Burning Man people
16) Techno Music
17) Esplanade on the playa
18) Getting TV gigs
19) Dogs
20) Cats
21) Hamsters
22) Stephen Colbert
23) The ducks in the park and the restlessness that they have when I feed them bread
24) Swinging my daughter on the swings
25) Amitabh Bachchan
26) Bubbles and how they make children feel
27) My TIVO – It knows me better than I think it does
28) My Roomba
29) Knowing that I told ‘I love you’ to my dad and made ammends for all things bad between us.
30) Putting my daughters pictures on the net and bugging everyone to see them.
31) Sushi rolls with crunchy things in it
32) Dating my wife. Never gets old I do it regularly once a week atleast.
33) Pizza with good toppings. Half for me , half for Mandy
34) Mike E Winfields teeth.
35) Dancing naked till the sun comes up, getting a coffee and then going right back to the rave to do it all over again.
36) Being at a rave at Burningman , in front of a completely naked beautiful women dancing her brains out at around 6:00 a.m. in the morning , seeing the sun come out behind her and telling her if she would move so that I can enjoy the sunrise. Her complying without a pause.
37) Movies. I see almost every new movie that comes out. I don’t know where I get the time for those but if my boss ever finds out I am toast.
38) Giving to people. Giving in a way that I remain anonymous. Giving so that when you give by the right hand the left dosen’t know you gave.
39) The high of a great set. It lasts much more than any drug known to man. Something so primal and elemental about the performer, a microphone and the audience and nothing in between to spoil the purity of  it all.
40) Indian Devotional Music
41) Uttarayan - The Gujarati Kite Festival