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Tapan Trivedi grew up in India . When he was 22 he came to America . Besides blondes and redheads he discovered Standup Comedy. Pushed to the stage on the insistance of his friends he went up on stage at the celebrated Houston Laff Stop open mike where he killed his first time on stage.

Addicted to laughter he kept plugging on till he was a Finalist in the Funniest Person in Houston Competition. Since then he has performed with comedians like Dave Attell,Tom Rhodes, Bobby Slayton,Debbie Gutierrez,Jerry Corley,Michael Pace,Ralphie Mae and Lahna Turner.

Constantly on the road winning audiences with his brilliant writing and hillarious observations of life in the USA as an East Indian immigrant , he still finds time for television commercials, radio performances and brief movie performances. He recently wrapped up a movie for the Howard Stern Film Festival.

Sacramento News and Review calls him one of the best comedians in California - period and Jeffrey Callison of NPR says 'This cat made me laugh out morethan ANY guest ever has !'Tapan has since gained notoriety by his racial observations and his ultra geeky one liners and his catch phrase - 'I can't understand America ' is gaining popularity by the day!!