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Homeless Pregnancy Update :-
They are settled. Atleast for now. They are settled. I sent an email to ex-California Senator Deborah Ortiz who I met at JLees restaurant about Kara and Eddie. She got me in touch with Mr.Alberto Rivas. Mr.Rivas knew how to get to people and how to get things moving. Kara and Eddie got to stay for three days in the Star Motel . When they got there they were told that ‘as long as Eddie kept his job and followed the rules’ – they can stay there. I went with Eddie and looked at an RV which cost about 2000$ and he said that he could park it at Kara’s mom’s place. I am ruminating about buying the same for them but then it is also a humongous investment. Lets see what happens.


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HomeLess Pregnancy Update :-
Well the deal fell through. The step dad filed for bankruptcy a couple of years back and he failed to mention it. THe mom ‘did’ show up at the signing with bad credit to cosign. So the deal did not go through. Went to one of Kara’s foster mom’s place to see if she would co sign. Turns out the lady had moved out of the house about 6 months back. Another let down. Asked Rob to look for RVs to live in. I will buy the RV which they will live in – or atleast find a place to park it in an RV park. Hopefully Rob will find a job fast. They are so cute but so so dumb. I wish them the best but I really really worry about them now. Why am I doing this ?

Party at Victoria’s in Grass Valley :-
Went to Victoria’s party in Grass Valley Saturday afternoon. Had a BLAST. Met Susan from the workshop again . I think I am completely infatuated with Susan. She remains happy with her family and her ‘partner’ as she puts it. I on the other hand can’t stop dreaming about her. She left early and I had a feeling that there was a huge stone stuck to my heart. Had fun playing games there – the Jellyfish, the Lucky Dip bag, the weird games from the fertile minds of Anna Nathan.Also had a LOT of fun playing the ‘gum’ game with Jenna and Jonah. One burner , one hippie. Both pretty. Saw Candace with a guy who seems to suit her so so well. Was very happy for her. She also looked so so happy.

Frou Frou Rocks :-
Been listening to Frou Frou a whole lot lately. Went to the mall to see if they had a CD. They didn’t. Went to ‘The Beat’ on J Street . Got the last one. Have been listening to ‘Let Go’ and ‘Breathe’ over and over again.

Running / Adria and other stories :-
Also went to Adria’s race Saturday morning. Why do I wake up at an insane hour like 6:30 on a Saturday to go see people ‘run’ of all the things. I think running is great and seeing Adria run is like watching ‘poetry in motion’ – like Alvin Ailey = only 10 times prettier. She completed her 10k run in 53 minutes and 04 seconds. Her goal time was 50 minutes which she missed but she DID beat her previous timing – which is good. Went to lunch at the Huki Lau with her and Vishali – with whom I had a good time hanging out with when Adria was running. Me and her cheered her up everytime Adria passed us.

RAC Update :-
I could not start the GSD daemon . Started the trace on the same and opened up a TAR with Oracle Support. Byron is coming back from the IOUG-A tomorrow. Hope he brings back some goodies.


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Taking people under the wing :
I believe in the good that people can dish out. This Wednesday I met a young couple – Kara and Eddie who are 20 and 18 respectively. She said will you give us some money to feed a hungry person to which my standard response is ‘ I will not give you any money but will definitely feed you’. While sitting at the table at Round Table , pondering over the mystery over why I was not thinking with my dick despite the fact that the gal is cute . Then she stood up and from the faint hint from under the hoody I saw it. Kara is 8 months pregnant. 18 years old and pregnant. Has to be tough. I admired the fact that the guy is sticking with her and not ran away. I offered to sponsor their first month’s apartment rent. Went to about three different apartment complexes with Eddie. Finally gave him the apartment guide and asked him to call a few more places. He found one which they liked and they found her step dad to cosign for the lease. I am supposed to go today and get the deal done. With God’s grace we should be able to get them off the streets for a month atleast. Hopefully they will be able to deliver the baby under a roof. Am I a fool or am I a fool ?


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The last time I wrote was about two weeks back. A lot has happened since then.

The Napa Weekend :-
I did the Napa Vine thing for the first time in my life. Mama is gonna be so proud that her
son is drinking and proud of it. I went with my burning man friends Mark and Anna and THEIR friends Victoria and Eric . My date for the weekend was the lovely miss Reanda Ross. Hey whatever six people do in the privacy of their own bedrooms with multiple partners is their own business. Whatever six people do in the privacy of the Bed and Breakfast’s pool and hot tub is their own business. Whatever six people do with a video camera is their own business……..Just kidding there was no camera.

Rooster T Feathers Competition :-
I made it through the first round and into the semi finals where I was gloriously defeated by a fantastically funny chef, a 40+ yr old blond who restored my faith in prop comedy and my favourite nigga with a baby – Sam the chef, Sharman and of course Mike E Winfield. I think I lack the killer instinct necessary to win a contest. I don’t consider myself any less funnier than any of those fuckers up there on stage. I think Mike is very motivated about winning and making it since he has the baby. His act has gone from having the B – IG as the punchline to funny funny bits with HUGE kapows. Congratulations to him for the same. He has earnt my respect with sheer hard work and tenacity.

Harlows and PepperBelly’s :-
The Yin and Yang of comedy. I did two shows in one night. Pepperbellys in Fairfield and Harlows in Sacramento. I killed at Peppers with a hugely political set. Bombed at Harlows with a regular set. Levels me down . Levels me down fast…..

Gig in Weaverville CA:-
It was a good drive . I took the Porsche and the townsfolk of Weaverville, CA were especially impressed by the same. This gig had a special case in my heart as the name Weaverville roughly translates in my language to Kapadvanj which is the place where my dad grew up and my grandpa lived all his life. Strange how heartstrings affect attractions . Its either that or the number of hippie hotties who still believe in free love and sloppy sloppy bjs.