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Rainbow Gathering and Japan :-
I am going to the Rainbow Gathering in Modoc County with my friend and confidante Candace Young. I am not prepared for the same. I am not prepared for anything. I just want to go and belong. I will take some good stuff for the trade circle. The rest is a whirlwind of stuff that I will intake after the show tonight.

I talked to Kay Frazier who is considering sending me and Rick to Japan to do shows for the military. It is one of the more exciting gigs that I have been considered for.


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Mark and the dark :-
My friend Mark has been facing some problems with having an open heart. He invited someone into his house and that guys turned out to be a psycho or so I hear. Something about fish-heads and stones ceremony at the river etc. On 6/28 (Monday) evening I talked to him and he sounded completely beat. I went over to his place despite the fact that I had invited a few people over to finish off the leftovers from the BIG party. I went and talked to him and finally convinced him to come over to my place. The logic was that being alone in the kind of state of mind that he was in was not a healthy thing. Once he came over he was happy. Cheese and Jaclyn were already there. We fired up the grill and he started doing what he does best – cooking. In the meantime Dave Bothun, Mike E Winfield and E Clark told me that they wanted to sit together and write jokes. I am always up for that so I invited them over. Over two bottles of vine and a few beers we had fun writing jokes. Kylie invited Amber and Julie . Finally Denise came over in her good little Burner Garb. She is a gem. She massaged Mark to sleep and he crashed on my bed. I crashed in the nook. Jaclyn crashed. Just crashed. I don’t know when Cheese took off . But all in all it was a good night. I took Mark home at around 5:30 a.m. when he woke me up.



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Burning Man Decompression and John Kerry Party :-The verdict is clear… The party was a HUGE success. I was expecting about 30 people and ended up with about 75. DJ Triton and Mike from San Francisco spinned delightful trance music. My basement was turned into an impromptu den for my burner friends. About 8 comics and one juggler did their acts giving about 90 minutes of good standup. Thanks to Mychael for all her help before the party. Love her and her wonderful face. Thanks to Ben Rue for all his help and the blacklight etc. Thanks to Dragon for ALL his help. HAD and absolute blast. Thanks to PainJoy and the gang for bringing the vibrating panties to the party. They were wonderful. AND LASTLY THANKS to Mark and Anna and Jennifer for the sushi – wonderful, lovely , beautiful sushi that you served at my party. That pretty much made the night for the entire party. LOVE all the burners for their love and support. Only at a Burning Man party can the number of people double and the host can still have things LEFT OVER. I am barbecueing tonight for the leftovers…..
I can’t thank the people enought. Here is a list of all those who came.

Don Button
Ben (Jaclyn’s Friend)
Nancy Bui
The cute couple that showed up in the beginning
Ron and his wife.
Painjoy + 3
The beautiful gal from Vienna
Daniel With Jennifer
Vanessa’s Friend
Robert (from San Francisco)
His three friends
Beth (my wonderful neighbour)
Mike (Triton’s friend from San Fran)
Blair Barton
Scott Davis
Dave Tamayo
Sterlings Friend and the beautiful girl that he brought
Mark Nash and his female friend.

I see a LOT of faces that came but I do NOT remember their names.



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Late Night Blues :-

I look at your pictures in my head
As I listen to Tom Waits croon in the back
Sleep is not my friend tonight
Trying to fight this lonely fight
I miss you I miss you I miss you tonight

Wish you were here with your smile and your curse
I will do anything for you even carry your purse
As I sit and try to laugh a bit
Try to take this dagger from my heart
The world in my face does spit
And I wonder why we face it apart
I hate its strength and I hate its might
I miss you I miss you I miss you tonight

So you are broken and you have been hurt
Show me somebody who ain’t
I have suffered the blow I have seen my blood spurt
I have stood on the doors of heaven only to see St.Peter faint
I have had enough of the insults , enough of spite
I miss you , I miss you I miss you tonight

Friends and lovers turn into devils
Who do I know no one I trust
The dagger digs deeper with each cruel thrust
I trust you , my love , with your lovely skills
And I miss you , I miss you , I miss you tonight.

I see your eyes heavy with dreams
You go to a land where I don’t live
You go on your journey with me out of sight
I don’t know your God and what you believe
Yet I miss you I miss you I miss you tonight.

As dawn breaks and the moon accepts its defeat
I lay down in my sorrows broken and beat
I see the sun and hate it
I hear the birds and hate them
I hate the chaos I hate the light
Cause I missed you I missed you I missed you lastnight.


I don’t know why I write these but I do it for the muse !

World Music Festival :-
Over the weekend I went to the World Music Festival in Angels Camp , CA. It was an interesting experience. Brie was supposed to go with me but could not go due to personal problems. So I was left with a last minute ticket . I thought I may be able to sell it over there but I thought that in the true Burningman spirit I should try to give it away to someone. I called Mark to see if he and Anna wanted to go. I would gladly give my tickets to them if they wanted to go. I also thought of Troy but asking her for three days in the middle of the serious business venture that she is in seemed very unreasonable. Mark was busy doing his patio and Anna was in the Bay Area but Mark said his friend Becky would like to go. Mark gave me her number and I called her up. She gave me the directions to her place in Amador county which is about 15 minutes from the festival . I went there on the spare tire of the Porsche. That was scary. Once I reached there I called her from a gas station to ask for the exact address of the place. I was surprised when I saw her. I did not expect the mother of two kids to be in such good shape . She is fabulous. The next day and a half was really really awesome. I met so many people there. Saw a few shows. Bought a drum and bought some really good Vegan food. The place was brimming with energy . I saw a bright new artist called Abdul Rashid who I adore – which is a LOT to say for someone like me whose feelings for reggae music bordered just under hatred. One of the speakers said ‘ Its not your condition but your decision ‘ which sunk into my heart. Due to my idiocy of not checking whether or not I have the tent poles (I didn’t) we had to sleep in the car. Despite the physical closeness I did not get any vibes from her. She was much too deep into her divorce stuff to even consider anyone else. Or maybe it was just me. Who knows ? I had a good time.
I came back Sunday evening after dropping Becky at her place and went to Mark’s place. I started my first lesson in poi that night. I think I wanna spin fire on a stick. A long hard big stick !!!!!


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Laughs/Dinner/AndGoodCompany :-
Its been a long time since I had such good time. I went out to Laughs Unlimited yesterday with my friend Troy. We saw the show and went to dinner at JLees on J st between 25th and 26th. Good times. The sushi that Dan makes is excellent so is the food from the kitchen by Andy and the gang. I highly highly recommend the Pistachio tort as a dessert for anyone who cares to read this one. It is the best dessert I have had in a LONG LONG time. I had an excellent time there. The company being Troy. Something about the batting of the eyelids that makes a man flutter. Thanks for the wonderful company Troy.


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Grass Valley :-
On Wednesday night I decided to go to Grass Valley and hang out with my ‘friend, philosopher, guide ‘ in Vegan dining – Brie. It was so nice to see Brie after a long time. We made pasta which I helped her make. Something about her company and her smile that makes me wanna be around her. She is one of the coolest persons I know. Of course, she wanted me to work on some computer stuff which I gladly did for her.


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Gig in Tracy California or What goes up must come down :-
I am a big believer in balance in life. After the almost hypnotic weekend in Licoln City I was on a high and what better place than the wonderful hicktown of Tracy,CA to get off that high. I went there and I was the first comic on stage. I had an absolutely HORRIBLE set. The people were with me mommentarily. I think I succeeded in pissing off about 75% of the audience . I went political. I did the jokes about the situation in the middle east. I made fun of the people in the audience. Especially the ones coming in. The MC was non existent. I was brought up to a cold crowd but that was not the reason for the non connect. I think it was because I was once again dealt the cards about going on first. I hate it when that happens at a gig . I need to come up with a few jokes designed just to get the crowds attention. I don’t want to whine about going up first anymore. I won the round despite going up first at the Avalon competition. I won the round going up first in Lincoln City. I believe I can do that. Just want to come up with a strategy to make that happen everytime.


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Yet Another Poem :-

So if I steal the world for you and you like it
Would you tell me so ?
And if I reveal the secrets of the universe to produce a pop tart
Would you still love me ?

If I stand down on the gates of hell and cry out for your name
Would you come running to me like you always did
Or would you stay in comfort with the remnants of my vanquished dogmas
And laugh at me , a good belly laugh with an effortless bid.

If I do something stupid and let myself blow
Beyond the realm of perception and the mighty red orange glow
Would you lasso me with the ropes of real
And make my lifestream an easy flow

If I give up on life, if I give up on relegion
If I give up on all – that is good and kind
If I give up on darkened forest – and all the creats within
If I give up on the seed of good and bad – and all the virtue and sin
If I give up on God and Satan – and who in end will win
If I delete my existence – with a lowly double click
If I fuck up my soul and psyche like a lowly porno flick

Would you still hold me close and would you still feed me hope
Would you still tell me all is right down the the slippery slope
Would you still say that there is balance
In the universe and its cracks
And would you ride above your ambivalance
To load up my bones in stacks

Would you come along on the flying carpet
And stay with me so close
Would you come along and touch my hand
You won’t is what I suppose


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PNCC (Pacific Northwest Comedy Competition ) :-
First of all , thank you Micheal Pace and Kenny Bob for letting me compete.
It was a fucking blast. It is always a blast while I am hanging out with
other comics. It was nice meeting all of you. Getting laid with all of
you is even better. On the first day I won about 80$ in BlackJack. Keeping
up with the tradition of not trying to spend gambling money on myself I decided
to buy beer and have everyone come over and party. Not everyone did but most people
came and hung out . It is always a blast to have close to 30 comics accept your
hospitality. I wish Micheal and Kenny Bob were there too but I understand that as
the judges and organizers of the contest they were hardpressed not to fraternize with
the contestants.
Most importantly I think I made a lasting impression on the people who saw me and gained
respect out of the comics. That , in a nutshell, is what I took home from this whole
The momment of reckoning came when Jeff Capri gave me a call and said he is missing his
IPOD that he gracefully brought over to the room to play music. However both me and him
were sure that no one would take it . He came over the next morning and looked again for the gadget and he found it under the table. Good times. I was happy for him and for myself and the faith that we had in other comics. Also thanks to Rick Pulido and Dave Bothun for arranging the journey etc arrangements.


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Cleaning House of Dead Energy :-

I think I am cleaning house of my so called friends. I let Reanda go her own way. I helped her out in her time of need and she was not so receptive afterwards so I let her go. I don’t want nothing to do with her . I am also doing the same with Laurie and Kelly. Things had been not so good between me and them. I believe they did not reciprocate the good deeds that I did towards them . I helped them out in their times of need. I took over their car payments, I gave them money for the lawyers etc . I pretty much helped them through a rough stage of their life. I also gave them my essence. My sperm . In return I believe they were not so good to me. They chose to do things to me that were harsh and horrible. I do not hate them for the same but I choose not to associate with them for the same. I am not playing the fool anymore. I am done with them. Take the Porsche back and pay me the money for the repairs and we are done. I have hired lawyers to deal with the muck that will definitely ensue.

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