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The LandMark Forum :-
I have popped. The institution that I thought was a cult is just that. But cults in itself are not bad. Relegions are not bad either. Just when they go overboard they are.  This is what happened .
I spent Friday , Saturday and Sunday at the Sacramento Convention Center.


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Wednesday :-
Yesterday , Wednesday, July 15th I …..

went to work
saw King Arthur
Had dinner with associates from Phoenix and Blue Cross Blue Shield (Ron Lasita ,Byron Baker, Niraj Mehta and Anand Prakash).
Did Standup at PepperBellys
Hung out with audience members (Amanda, Athena etc) at Mels Diner.
Worked with Jaclyn on her jokes at night

Two Jobs at the same time !!

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Two Jobs at the same time :-
The last week (week of 6th July to 13th July) I had two day jobs. While continuing the job at Firsthealth I took up another job at aximus. It was an interesting exercise running between both the jobs and doing them both well. My supervisor at Maximus was one of the most scattered guys I have seen in the business. He assigned me to be the DBA for the Kansas City Project for Healthy Families. He also wanted me to do an IAS setup of an application that was developed at Maximus. That was not something that I had done before. In totality he put spent not more than 70 minutes in the 7 days that I spent there. He gave the Kansas project to the new DBA and I was supposed to do the entire IAS setup.
With a few difficulties I did that but I guess in his mind that was not good enough. Besides he was not clear that there was a time limit for the same. I asked him twice if there was one to which he said there ain’t . Yesterday he told me that he is letting me go cause he dosen’t think I am making progress. I agreed. I wasn’t making progress. What I was doing was not something that I was hired for and was not something I have ever done before. In the interview he kept on going on and on about how the DBAs needed to be political over here and how the oncalls were brutal etc. All of which I was ready for but I had never done the IAS stuff before. I worked with the web.xml and httpd.conf and the formsweb.cfg and the dcmctl commands and the emctl commands etc. This was a good learning experience and I was happy to see the result – a working application and that is something no one can take away from me. However , I will be more careful in the future before taking on an assignment with a guy who I had a feeling about that was scattered but did not act on it……


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Gig Weekend :-
I travelled with Rick Pulito , my comedy mentor in Sacramento , to do gigs in Medford, OR ; Yreka, CA and Reno,NV.
Medford, OR – Ground Zero :-
The Medford , OR gig was a fun one to do. I did about 35 minutes and handed it over to Rick. Rick did his usual 50 -60 minutes. The crowd was still building when I was on stage and that being a bar setting cell phones were going off and people were coming in the club etc. But I had fun and got my laughs all the same. I made a few jokes about me doing jokes at a place called Ground Zero which hit hard . We partied with the Bachelorette party at the club . Danced till they kicked us out of the club . The kicker came when a HOT HOT Spanish girl came up to me and RIck and asked if we spoke Spanish. I told Rick could. Apparently SHE WANTED TO HOOK UP WITH ONE OF THE GIRLS WE WERE DANCING WITH FOR HER HUSBAND. WOW ! I have never wanted to be a girl so much before in my life……
The next day we went ahead and saw Spiderman -2.
Yreka, CA – Bobs Bowling Alley :-
This was a surreal show. The crowd was a small but enthsiastic one. There were about 20 people but they were hungry for laughs and we were eager to deliver them. I riffed for about 10 minutes and did a total of 45-50 minutes. Rick then went on and did about 110 minutes and about an hour of it was simply from the top of his head. They were with him all the time. Thanks Rick for reminding me what real standup is all about……..

Reno,NV :-
We left Yreka and travelled to Reno,NV as Rick wanted to do the Harrah’s competition again. I took over the driving part for the last hour and he slept. I wanted him to be as prepared as possible. I prayed to God to have him win as he has been very upset about his not being in the final in the recent weeks. He WON. Tom Mclaine was the second. We went and saw ‘Showgirls’ . The manager for the Sapphire Lounge put both of us ahead of the line and put us up in the very front row and comped our drinks. Thanks Mike for making that happen.


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Del’s Pilot :-

Del Van Dyke , the godfather of Sacramento Comedy taped the pilot for his show yesternight. It was interesting to watch a live taping of a comedy show. It was funny watching Del go “We will be right back after these messages”. His guests ‘that night’ were the guy who is the voice of the Sacramento Kings Basketball Team. Tom McClaine worked with him as a co host. Best of Luck to both Del and Tom for selling it as a viable commercial enterprise. I could not help but notice the lack of a producer and a warm up artist for the show. The times that they were not on stage it was a not happening place. The music man , although a cool sax player, missed his cue a few times but overall I was VERY impressed by the quality of the show that he produced. He also had Dominique, Mark Yaffee and Rick Pulido go up and do standup. It seems Rick Pulido finally has a kickass 5 minute set. I know he has so much material it has been hard for him to boil his act down to a 5 minute stuff. He killed and had fun with it too. I would love to see the demo tape when its made to see the final outcome. He had three cameramen with XL1S cameras filming the stuff. He also had one guy with a video camera just moving amongst the audience and taping stuff. It was an interesting setup and I hope to do the same one day ! ALL IN ALL CHEERIO , DEL, KEEP IT HAPPENIN !!

Partying with the Reno comics and audience members afterwards :-
Wayne and Josie from Reno had come on over to Sacramento to do the open mike nights. It was fun hanging out with them. Two people from the audience also came along to hang out with us which is always fun. Me,Wayne, Josie,Marie and her friend went to my place , which they seemed to like. I had cold beer and no ice. I need to change that. It was nice hanging out with them till late late at night. Josie had one of her ‘friend’ come on over and he brought us some ice so that was good. This makes three consecutive nights that I have slept really really late. Last night due to comics and hanging out. The night before due to the Club Avalon comedy competiton and the night before that due to coming back from the rainbow gathering and dropping Brie off in Grass Valley.


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RainBow Gathering :- It was amazing, meloncholy, insightful, loving, interesting, enjoyable, thought provoking , messy, needy, intensely sensual and sexual and mostly a LOT of FUN. Met a LOT of people. Traded my small drum for a BIG guitar and the BIG guitar for a BIGGER drum. Fun at the trade circle. Next time I will take a whole more of the jewelery that will actually fit people (adults) , also necklaces etc. Candy is always a good trade there. Tools also. Mainly mj and mush but that is not my realm. Also if I can get some cool idols from India that will be a good thing to give to people . I met Brie Snaith there. This was the second time that meeting her changed my life for the better for me. I had just traded the small drum for the guitar and I was high on that and then I saw her. Yes, you can be high on life with a sight. She had some problems with Liza and that was not cool but then she always has problems with Liza. She moved the campsite three times. We moved our campsite (me and Candace) once but that was because we set our tent smack dab in the middle of the trade circle. We came in at night and hence we were not able to see where we were camped. We woke up in the middle of the trade circle hoping no one had traded ‘US’ for some good ‘zujus’ . Liza moved her and Brie’s tents three times. That is WAY too much. Then after a screaming match she left BEFORE the BIG OHM. NOT COOL AT ALL. I was glad that Brie did not miss the entire big OHM and the kids parade. Talking of kids I met Clover – the little girl who took my heart at the Sierra Nevada World Music Festival. There is something about the child that just bleeds my heart. The kiddishness reminds me of something I used to be and I can feel that kid inside me the best when I am around other kids. They don’t think its cool when I keep the marbles I win but then I win them fair and square. I gave Clover and her friends a couple of bangles and bindis. They all looked so cute and funny with their painted faces. Also had a great time hanging out with Cathleen and Anna (both Brie’s friends) who are absolutely charming ladies to hang out with. I did a tarot reading for Anna who I think had a good reading. I gave my camera to Cathleen and am hoping that she gets a few good snaps and forwards me the copies. The yoga camp workshop for contact improv was awesome – except for that part where I smashed my partner – but as she agreed it was her fault.
Thank you to all those of you who ran those wonderful wonderful kitchens.
The Krishnas
The Krishnas 2 – Hari Bol
Crucial Kitchen
Brew Ha Ha – lots of memories there.
Musical Veggie Kitchen.
Jesus Kitchen
Vegas Village Kitchen
Lovin Ovens
Pop Corners
This post would not be complete if not for the mention of the Native Americans who came and talked at the Tribal Council about how the hippies (Rainbows) were desecrating their sacred burial grounds – I have never seen a speech generate so much controversy in the people who don’t have any rules for life.
The Forest Service Rangers actually brought the Native Americans (the Indians Tapan, they are Indians)to the tent which goes on to say that this was a creative way of opposing the Rainbows. Much better than the strong armed tactics they have used in the past. Keep it up Rangers. You are coming around to our ways now. You have tried for 32 years to keep us down but NOW you know how to ‘fight’ us.
Dhanya also showed up. I hung out with her and told her to meet me and Brie at Granola Funk but I am assuming she never showed up. I took my blanket off so that she could see the white kurta I was wearing and moved around FIVE times shivering my ass off she would have seen me if she was there . And if she missed me all those five times she would have seen me when I went up and did standup but I am SURE – wherever she is – she had fun.
There is so much I can write but I gotta go. I dropped Brie at her place yesternight and the Porsche had a messed up tire. I just got all the tires replaced and I now have a fucking tire losing the air. I am so so mad at the Les Schwab guys.