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Gig in Davis :-
I did Roma’s Cafe in Davis . My friend in funniness Eric Miller runs the room. There were about 30-35 people in the room including comics. I did about 15 or so minutes . The show was an excellent exercise in riffing with the audience. I think I found a workable ply in the gay jokes.
SpiritWalker closed the show off. Notable performances include Kevin Young, Cheese , that Lyon guy and Ray.

Hanging out with Brie :-

Brie was in town for a seminar so I went and saw her and FINALLY gave her the digital camera that I had for her. I also got her a memory card which takes FAR more pics then what the camera holds, a two year replacement agreement and a starter kit. She was happy. We went and had lunch/dinner at Sunflower off off 50. It was nice to see Paige there. Had fun and then went to Davis.


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August 9th was a long and tiring day :-
Here is what happened. I went to work after recovering from working all day with the Karma Chickens. After work (which is still dragging the soul out of me) I went to see De Lovely with Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd. Good movie though it was terribly slow moving. Then I went to the Landmark Forum Seminar . Three hours and I got my group. It was good to see Mark and Anna there. I like my group members so far. Then I went to the writing session which I now call ‘Joke Club ‘ . I went unprepared. That is not good. I needed to write down the premises and flush them down before I went there. Instead of the movie I should have done that. Then at around 11:20 I rushed down to J Lees to get my dinner. I ran into Leah ( from what I understand she is a porn star- why is everyone in those movies a ’star’.) . She was extremely sloshed so I offered to drive her home. Home is Joe and Angelas place. I drove her home which she thought was off off Auburn on 80 . It is actually at Truxel and San Juan. I finally drove her home after calling poor Joe and waking him up at around 12:50 at night. When I reached home it was around 1:30. I crashed. I need a good act. I need to memorize my jokes in order. I do Davis tonight. I am excited.


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It has been three weeks since I posted here and a lot of things have happened since. First of all I attended the LandMark Forum three weeks back which helped me unload a few cobwebs off my psyche and helped me get back into the comedy game. I think I will quit my day job to focus on standup. I want to do standup about 7 nights a week.

Renaissance Faire :-
I went to a Ren Faire party on Saturday night (Aug 7th) in Novato ,CA. Having heard much about the parties when I met Amy Geiger , my fellow comic Will Kendrigan’s roomate and heard that she was into that I asked if I could go. She invited me and I went. It was a SpeakEasy theme party so that guys wore the Speakeasy Fedoras and vests and such and the gals wore flapper costumes. The setup was that we all went but the guys weren’t invited ‘in’ till 11:00 p.m. ONLY GALS and their ’slaves’. Slaves were guys who wore leather vests and thongs. We had a hotel suite booked and we went there after the Fair and changed and then went to the party. Amy looked gorgeous and hot. Her friend Roy looked adequate. I looked cool. Friends Paris and Steve looked cool and collected. We went to the party and got in . I shot pool with a few guys hearing the shouts and hoots and jeers coming from inside the party. By the time 11:00 p.m. rolled in we couldn’t wait to get inside. Once we got in we saw the brilliance of the setup. The gals were already drunk. No guys had to work on getting them ‘there’. A few tops were off and by the time the night rolled off every top was off. One of the ‘traditions’ apparently was that every guy gets spanked so when two gals came and asked me to drop trou – I didn’t hesitate. The hands were soft and surly so the spanks weren’t exactly centered but still it did the job. The paddle though was unnecessary . They complained about my butt not getting red enough. I ain’t white bitch! Its gonna take a while. But the threekiss that followed more than made up for the spanking. I was concerned when one of the gals dropped to her knees cause I was not up for any booty (love Brie!) but she just playfully pulled my pants up and left with a wiggle of her butt. I thoroughly enjoyed the party. Had a lot of fun dancing with all those half nekkid women. I did not drink more than two beers and one drink. Since I was driving I allowed myself time to come down and also drank two coffees to get back into a decent mental shape. I slept on the floor at the hotel cause I didn’t want to sleep with Amy and Roy. All in all great way to spend a Saturday night.

Karma Chickens dome setup and work weekends :-

Since Burningman is just around the corner the Chickens have been working to get the setup in order. Yesterday all day we worked at Jason’s dads garage to get the tubing for the dome in shape. We cut the tubing in shape, then we pressed the ends into shape by a 20 ton press, then we drilled a hole into the pressed ends of the tubing , then we bent the pressed/drilled ends at a 12 degree angle . Lastly we fine tuned the holes by two cordless drills and made sure that there were no excess metal at the holes and that the holes had a smoot taper. The excess metal tends to loosen when the bolts are tied in . Me, Mark, Anna and Jason worked for about 8 hours to get all those things done. Later that night I went over to Mark’s and had dinner . While talking to Mark I realized that he collected different things which inlcuded springs, safety pins , grommets and my personal favourite (and I shit you guys not) LINT. One of my best friends collects lint including belly button lint . I am flabbergasted with this realization. His girlfriend Anna is a step further. She collects her lint from her dryer and brings it from Grass Valley to Sacramento . Here is how the conversation went :-

Mark :- I collect lint.
Jason :- Belly button too ?
Mark :- Yes.
Anna :- I get lint for him. You guys should do it too.
Mark :- I am so into lint.
Anna :- Mark, I have something to ask you.
Mark :- What ?
Anna :- Do you not prefer my lint ? The last two times I brought it over you asked me to put it into the trashcan saying that you will pick it up later.
Mark :- Thats cause the trash can was filled with lint.
Anna :- No, there was other trash in the can too. You just don’t like my lint. Its OK. You can tell me.
Mark :- I know. I can tell you but I love your lint baby.
Anna :- Why do you not like my lint ?
Mark :- I haven’t got anything against any lint.
Tapan:- So you will take my lint if I gave you. Or anyone’s lint ?
Mark :- Hell no.
Tapan:- So you do have lint issues.
Mark :- No. I will only accept lint if I know where its coming from.
Tapan:- Dosen’t most lint come from dryers or belly buttons ?
Mark:- I just want to know who its coming from .
Tapan:- So you are discriminating in your lint choices ?
Anna :- If you don’t like my lint you should just tell me so .
Mark:- I love your lint chiquita.
Tapan:- Mark , you are a disquieting lint connouisuer and I admire that about you despite the fact that it weirds me out.
Tapan:- Anna, if your biggest complain is that he dosen’t like your lint then you should just be quietly satisfied in the fact that you are probably one of the happiest women in the world.
Anna:- I love Mark.

This actually happened. This actually did happen.