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I am a musical instrument :-
A fan mailed me an interesting snippet from the net. I am apparently a musical instrument . If you go here – you can order a 18″, 20″ or a 22″ Tapan. If you go here – and send an email you can get a 10″,11″ or a 12″ Tapan for a private show !!!!! Apparently more people beat on me than this Tapan. Hey how would you found out that your name meant an instrument in another language ?? How would you like someone calling you a drumstick or worse a catherter ??
Tapan Trivedi


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Christmas Yule Celebration at my place :-About 12 of my closest friends (non comics) came over to my place on Christmas day and we had a BLAST. I love my gang. I can only summarize with LOTS and LOTS of feelings left over that I can’t possibly convey through writing. So without editing I put out the email I sent after the celebration was over.

All of you guys and gals,

Thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you , thank you so much for coming to my place and making me feel so welcome in your lives and hearts.

Candace, thanks for being your wonderful self . I hope you like the Henna set. I wanted to go with camping gear but then I can never give you anything and be SURE you would not have it already so I went with something both you and Dave could use .

Thanks for coming early and hanging out and having fun and helping me out with everything. I always enjoy talking to you and I really appreicate your offbeat sense of humour. One of the few people who make me laugh.
Jenn Dieges,
Hi. Although you could not make it you were missed and we have a little gift for you that we will send your way snail mail – just the way you like it.

Jen Lyles (Bond) Thanks for coming early and helping out with everything. I am sorry you are not doing so well today . I will pray for you to be alright soon. Hope you like the book. I was not quite sure if you will go for it or not so I saved the receipt but you said today that you were talking about it with your mom and she liked it too so that is cool !!

Jennifer and Sney and Timmy and Stitch :-
Thanks for the wonderful Indian food and the wonderful fruitcake etc. You guys made my day. Timmy thanks for your wonderful presence (minus biting my ass – literally). Guys, I said this yesterday and I am saying this again – Timmy put things in perspective for me yesterday when I asked him on the phone “Where are you ?” and he point blank answered “I am right here. Talking to you on the phone!” Opened up a lot of things in my psyche ! ALso thanks for all the help on my demo reel Sney. Jen, you are wonderful and I hope you loved your gifts. That actually goes for all of you minus Stitch who I admit I totally missed in my shopping list. I will make sure that does not happen again. Sney , the book that I gave you had some thought put into it and I hope you like it. Jen , your gifts , without a doubt , easiest to shop for. Timmy , you were one of the harder ones and I still owe you one IOU. Ask your mom what that means.

Nick and Tamara, :-
Nick the Java Struts was an easy one to get for you. Since I really didn’t know you all that well I decided to use what I did know about you. Poker night on Jan 15th at y’alls house. I will be there barring some weird stuff happening. Send an evite. Tamara , you enlightened the party with you wonderful presence. Thanks for engaging people and bringing over Jenny Ray with you. I had an absolute blast hanging out with that wonderful spirit – with or without spirit. The _expression on your face when you got that gift was priceless. And yeah thanks Nick for setting the bar that much higher for the rest of us guys here. .Kidding !!

Jenny Ray :-
Thanks for coming and welcome to the area from all of us here at the party and beyond. We look forward to more of you.

Although you weren’t around we missed you and your presence was felt all around. Wish you were here.

Jill and Emily,
Emily –
Thanks for doing all the shopping for me. All the little items you got were greatly appreciated by all of us and it seems like all of us here loved you and your presence. Could do with a little less sulking though but its your God given right as a teenages. I will make sure I have simms installed on my compute for you next time. You lasted seven straight hours and it seems most of the time you were having fun. I still owe you 20 for the stocking and you need to give the stocking back to Lyons to complete the circle. Hope you liked your presents and I still need to get you that one T Shirt from that one teenagy store at the mall.
Thanks for being so wonderfully you. THanks for sending your daughter to shop fo rme. Thanks for all the help you gave me and all the thoughtful presents that you got for me. Hope you liked yours. You have been an excellent friend to me all throughout this endeavour and I honestly would not have dared to make this happen without you . I actually could not have made this happen without all of you guys.

Mark and Anna,
You guys brought the food, the sauce, the presents, the love, the bed, the truck, the soul, the thoughts, the music and the dancing. Thanks for all the help and your wonderful love before and especially after the gathering. I love you guys. Can’t imagine life without you guys.Hope you liked the presents that I gave you.

LASTLY I wanted to thank all of you guys for being so wonderful to my mom and dad and thanks to all of you who talked to them. They kept on going on and on about all of you guys today. Also they think it was just one Jennifer that talked to them three times.

THOSE who took photographs :- Please post them ASAP so that I can order prints online and send them home. I cant escape not sending these photographs home…….

Yours truly,
Tapan Himanshu Trivedi


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Accused :-
Is there anything worse than being accused of things that you are not even sure you are responsible for ? Doing my regular gig at Pepperbellys ( I found many disturbances in my limited 10 minute set. I had two hecklers. Actually just obnoxious people and one drunk. The drunk was easier. I made a little fun of him . He was loud but harmless and accomodating . My friend Spiritwalker talked to him and he went and sat in a back seat. That took about 4 minutes. My set was going good and I paid my compliments to the wonderful black gentleman who sang a beautiful song to his wife of four years. I said something about never leaving her husband – even after death. I said something like “Screw that ’till death do us part’ crap and follow him beyond the grave.” She liked it. The trouble came in the form of two teenagers sitting in the front row. They were loud and obnoxious. I played with them for a couple of minutes. That was fun. They shut up – mommentarily. Then they started talking again. This time I had to devote more attention to them. I slammed them by saying that ‘ They have a few laughs and then I called them monkeys , primarily because one of the guys had two or three paper napkins stuffed in his mouth. At that point he stopped and said ” If you don’t stop I will take this personally.” and then proceeded to take out what could possibly be a gun from his jacket. I made my typical gay joke and got the hell out of the club. I consider this a lesson learnt. Never call a black kid a monkey. Never mess with gang members. I hope he dies a horrible death.


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Written for someone special at a time when life seems larger than anything I can hold up to.

When the heart does churn
At every nook and turn
And you see someone who’s not there
And what you feel is an optimistic despair
Do you call that missing ?

Do you call that missing
or do you call that an IM from the heart
To the heart – minus any icons or avatars.
Beyond the ups , downs, highs, valleys and pars.

I see her more in a box with a kiss
I here her more than the physical abyss
I close my eyes and take a look at you
I see more than what there is to you.

Deepness of the soul and deepness of the heart
I hope I am not emptying the cart
The cart of something that I have so sweet
I urge myself to wish and repeat

All that I have done and thought about you
All that is false and all that is true
I love your soul and I love your brand
I love all that for which you stand

I wish to stand in front of you
Naked – spiritually and physically,
Tell you all that I hold true

Just open up myself basically.
YEs I know I can be hurt
yes I know I can be maimed
I have been there before
Broken, beatdown, hurting and stained.

But we fall to get up again
The lessons of life are not so plain
There are colours black and white and shades of gray.
We get through the day on faith – I pray
That you see what I see here and now.
That you see what I see here and now.


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Party at My Place :-
Me and my roommate Joe gave a party this weekend on Friday. It was fun . Although initially stressed out about the idea of giving a party it turned out really good. Jill and Dhanya came in early and helped me clean up. I have Lakmeet from my work living with me for a couple of weeks and he also helped out. There were about 45 odd people there and that was good. I was glad that Joe’s friends and my friends were able to hang out and mingle. Full kudos to Mark for getting out of JLees and coming over and cooking the wonderful salmon !! I went over to his place later on in the night to get in his hot tub with some gals but never did. The party was cool with Dhanya DJing with some cool fusion music and Joe just putting on good techno himself. The Burning Man snaps projected were an absolute HIT ! People loved them. The comics turn out was not as many as I thought it would be. Dave Bothun left early but he was getting into some serious making out with his girlfriend on the front porch. Brie didn’t make it. Amy sent some pretty disheartening stuff back with Will but that is cool. I took about three rolls worth of pictures. I will post them soon. I gotta send them home too. Next day I went to a steakhouse (actually Tony Romas ) with Mark and Anna. Anna ate a steak after a year. That was cool to see. It was an absolute pleasure to play the “Totally Insane Card Game” with them at Tony Romas. Saw Ocean’s Twelve tonight and went and performed at Ocean’s Lounge. The movie has some funny momments but as compared to the original one — not as much plot driven. Many many holes left in the movie and a weak ass plot. Still the sequel magic will take it on to a successful movie. I think they wasted Bernie Mac in this movie. The entire sentimental bullshit with Catherine Zeta Jones’ father should have been left out. Mr. Soderberg you let me down. You could have done so much more. But then you are the man so I guess its OK.
I got an email from a nice gal in Indiana to do some standup at a gala over there. It sounds interesting. Its in March so I just might do it. Still waiting for Mantram to publish my interview. And the Maharaja’s of Comedy idea sounds better and better everytime I think about it.
More later.


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Hello we’re back ! And we’re taking calls !
I am back after a 3 month hiatus due to laziness being extremely busy and a myriad of other factors. Since then I have done several gigs, lots of shows,broke up with a couple of girls, went to BurningMan, started working at SGS Testcom, completed the Landmark Forum, got my Porsche Boxster stolen, got a new Mustang GT Convertible, decompressed from BurningMan, made a very cool new friend – Jill and her daughter Emily – who is quite a challenge for any mom, went to several hot tub parties, taped a DVD, got the ball rolling on Maharajas of Comedy an India based comedy show which has the go live date of February. I keep on writing now.
Tapan Trivedi