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Avoid like the plague :-
Expressions that don’t hold true anymore. Yesterday at a gathering of friends my friend Mark uttered the words I avoid it like the plague. I don’t think I have actually made any efforts to avoid the plague. Now why might that be ? Maybe its because we have GOTTEN RID OF IT. It dosen’t exist except for a biblical reference anywhere. I think we should update the expression to something more meaningful like
avoid it like commitment or
avoid it like responsibility or
avoid it like Amway.



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No Boozing :-

To start with I am not a big drinker by any means. Once in a while I have a beer or a nice glass of vine (Sorry mamma !!) or my Colorado Bulldog but besides that I pretty much am a teetotaler but still I am on a pledge to not consume any alchohol for 30 days starting 5th of Jan. Yesterday was my first acid test wherein I did a show in San Fran and got off without a single drop in me at all. I am happy and proud. This is purely to support a couple of friends who are doing this and its also sort of an competition……..


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Hanging out at the Punchline :-
I just got back from San Francisco. I went to the Punchline Comedy Club. The rule there is that you have to hang out for about 8 months before they give you a set. That sucks but I am putting my time in. It is a pain to drive for 1.5 hours to and back to NOT go up on stage but then I like hanging out with other comics over there. Tonight was especially different as one of the girls in the audience was especially upset over a joke that a comic did . She was of Asian descent , as evident by her lovely features. The comic (I believe his name was Rob Booker ) did a joke about being in a Chinese restaurant and being high and reading the menu upside down. It was a marginally funny joke but he made is funny . Things escalated when she was completely enibriated and REFUSED to get out of the club. She went on to throw champagne at the comic on stage (a very expensive drink !!) and if I am not mistaken she slappped the wonderful bouncer guy . They actually had to call the cops to take her away from the club. Larry Bubbles Brown followed and KILLED the audience by riffing and then getting back into his act. Ryan Stout did an excellent job of MCing a difficult situation. All in all a good night.


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Burner Gathering :-
First Fridays are Burner Gatherings where the Sacramento Valley Burners meet . I haven’t gone to them a couple of months now but I went yesterday. Dr.Dave was there, Me and Dhanya went together. Met a few interesting people there. Was nice to see three of the Fab Four there. Actually they are the ‘Terrific Three ‘ now unless Tony hooks up with someone soon in which case I will be glad to bestow the moniker back to them. Thanks to MusicVixen for putting together a great one.

Grass Valley :-
My work is taking me to Grass Valley today. I am trying to get together with Dan, Anna, Tamara and of course Jenny Ray if I can. All in all it should be a good trip.


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GOALS FOR 2005 :-
Why do I even freaking bother with this ? Because I am all about constantly gauging where I am and evaluating and plotting my life. I want to know what I am doing and tweak the direction of my efforts to a particular goal. Thats why !! That and I am a Virgo .

Creative Goals :-
*Do atleast 75 shows this year.
*Start sending out demo to bookers and agents.
Details on the same to emerge.
*Make website more interesting.
*Get into atleast 8 A list clubs as a semi regular.

Day Job Goals :-

*Try to attend the IOUG -A this year.
*Take Oracle Implementation production to 10g .

Goals as a son/brother :-
* To motivate dad to be a LOT more mobile than he is right now.
* To start the process to get mom and dad here once again.
* Spend more time with Niyati (my neice)

Producer/Director :-
Make the 12 minute short and promote it to atleast 3 Film Festivals. Hopefully it will get into one of them.

Health Goals :-

* Try to work out 3 times a week for atleast 30 minutes.
* Get back into Yoga
* Diet with Anna Nathan’s suggestion.

Personal /Romantic goals :- *
Try to build a relationship with some wonderful girl that will have the light shine in my life. Essentially , enough of hunting, I want to nest now.

More to come but this is all for now.

Tapan Trivedi