Poem for my love – Mandy!!

Posted in Uncategorized by THE Original Indian Comedian on the May 16th, 2005

I feel as if SHE made me from leftover clay
And then there are times the I don’t.

Sometimes I feel that my life is an empty canvass
Just waiting to be painted on
Just waiting to be painted on
And then there are times that I don’t.

Then there are times that I want to hover
Above over people when they are sleeping
And suck the sorrows out of their life
So that when they wake up , they say
And then there are times that I don’t.

There are times that I feel that
Happiness is a space between your legs
Where there is peace, serenity and your womb
That will lead me to the generations to come
To nourish, to nurture and undeniably wound
Because we are human.

Happiness is the space on your bosom
Where there is abundance and fulfillment
Nurture , phillips, flathead and various other condiments
That will lead me to paradise.

That happiness is the outer traces of lips on your mouth
Where there is love , more love than most , just floating around.
To be drunk and be intoxicated .

That happiness is the hollowed cheeks when you smile
That happiness is the face you make when you dance
That happiness is the arms that feed me and pray with me
That happiness is being near you, next to you and at times being you.
That happiness is nothing but knowing that you exist and that your existence brings joy to my life and other’s.
That happiness is that chord through which you bind me,surround me, find me.
That happiness is you
You You You YOu You You You You you You.
AND There isn’t anytime that I don’t think that.

To my love Mandy