Counting Sheep !!

Posted in Uncategorized by funnyindian on the June 28th, 2006

Who the hell invented the method of counting sheep if you can’t go to sleep ? It dosen’t work. Not to mention the fact that it arouses a certain segment of the population to see so many sheep altogether doing an acrobatic activity like jumping over a fence. That segment of population – the ones that resides in the backwoods of the Appalachians and have less than perfect teeth – are the reason why the sheep are running away from the farm in the first place.
Iowa where the men are strong and the sheep know how to run like ninjas. The best sleep number in Iowa is two cause thats how many sheep you can do at the same time.

I don’t count sheep. I count monkeys. Monkeys are a lot funner to count and they clear the fence in just one jump. My monkeys are little rhesus ones. What kind of monkey you imagined going over the fence says a lot about you and what kind of music you listen to .

Lastly in this world we live in – with technology designed to facilitate almost every aspect of your life why depend upon such an arcane method. We have deep tissue relaxation chairs that turn into beds, some of the most comfortable mattresses ever invented by men, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, gentle ’sleep’ music, noise drowning headphones etc etc etc. If none of these work for you do what I do

Watch C-SPAN !!

Tapan Trivedi

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