Assorted Thoughts on Gay Marriage,War,Summer Barbecues and Pot

Posted in Uncategorized by funnyindian on the July 6th, 2006

On Gay Marriage :-
I wish that they don’t change the laws on gay marriage and I wish that my kid turns out to be gay. That way I don’t have to pay for the eventual HUGE EXPENSE of the Indian wedding that she will demand.

War :-
I think all wars should be fought and won the same way all of us fought our first war. Not cowboys and Indians that came later.
The momment we decide to invade another country we should pull out a HUGE rope and throw it into that country say Afghanistan and challenge them to


Then pull the shit out of that country cause they have weak and malnourished people. This would install the fear of God in other countries.

HEY NORTH KOREA !! Stop with the nuke building .Remember how Iraq rolled in mud when we pulled the definitive last tug ! Remember how the Afghans sat calmly defeated and got only Blue stars . Hey they don’t give out these GOLD stars for nothing you know !!

On Summer Barbecues :-
Every time I go to a barbecue this summer there is someone who says ‘Hey Tapan – look we are eating your God ‘ That someone most probably is a Christian and I let them go cause I once went to a Church and they offered me not only a liberal part of the Body Of Christ but also his blood. I will see your body part and raise you a glass of blood of your saviour. Let him/her counter with a glass of milk cause everyone knows a wafer and vine beats steak and milk anyday.

On Pot :-
Talking to a lovely lady at a certain hot tub party that we were at she made a statement that said
‘If I put all the money I spend after pot towards a retirement fund I could retire in 5 years.’ .This surprised me as the last time I checked you could GROW your own pot and thus make it free . Get that retirement account. Paying for pot is like a beautiful woman paying for sex …….There is a reason why they call it WEED. It grows almost ANYWHERE.

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