Mumbai is bleeding…A note on the Mumbai bomb blasts !!

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Today the world in the west woke up to a terrible news that the most populous city in India – Mumbai (formerly Bombay) suffered from what is the second most brutal attacks in recent history.
7 trains had bombs set in them which exploded, 3 of them as they were entering stations. Co ordinated, well executed instruments of terror which are sure to feed the media frenzy but going back to the history and strength of the city it is going to be back on its feet in a day.

Mumbai is no stranger to blasts. My sister , who is married in Bombay , actually witnessed a bus blow up about 20 ft high. She ran in the direction opposite to the rush thus getting home in record time all the while clutching my niece, Niyati , who was 2 at the time in her arms. Niyati turned 5 last year and can still recall the ‘boom’ that she saw.

I just talked to my sister for about 45 seconds before the line was cut off and got the news that all of our relatives are back home safely – however my sister’s father in law was at one of the affected stations about 10 minutes before the blast happened. SCARY !!

On May 6th 1994 Mumbai saw 12 blasts in one day within an hour which affected major landmarks like the stock market and several busy markets and killed hundreds . The city was back on its feet the next day. There was one film about survivors that someone made which recounted many survivors of the blast saying ‘They had no idea who brought them to the hospital ‘. There were people on the trains the next day talking about how they put quite a few in the hospitals. One HUGE guys saying he carried 3 people on his shoulders straight to the hospital. No titles at the end of the film. Creative charity.

So as the city where my mom grew up, where I spent most of my summers, where my sister got married , where several of my aunts and uncles and cousins live , lies covered in decapitated limbs and heaps of bodies I have but one thing to say to those who use terrorism as a tool to break minds.


Whatever your cause is – at this point the only thing that makes you tick are the bombs wired to your chest .

The Mumbai trains are the ones that make NYC trains look like a tame dog as opposed to an angry lion. You are lucky if you can breathe. You have to pace yourself to get off the train atleast four stations ahead and then just get in the path of the crush and the crowds will get you out – or in the train. There are no doors. People routinely hang outside and once in a while someone gets hit by a pole and goes down . This is what was attacked. This is the lifeline of the city. The blood, the movement that feeds the chaos that is Mumbai. The attack was cowardly and pathetic and I , for once, would gladly pray for the death of any organization who takes responsibility for this – even if its Babies R Us.

Tapan Trivedi

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