Whats in a name ??

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Depends upon where you are from ? Have you noticed that Indians have long winded names ? And when we meet we introduce ourselves with our first AND last names ? That is cause a name tells you a lot.

The last name usually tells you the region or state where they came from. So when we see a name Patel we deduce , to be on the safer side, that that person might not
1) Eat meat
2) Not drink
3) Like really really spicy and oily foods
(Gujarati characterisitcs)

Or if we have a last name Pillai we might deduce that the person might
1) Eat a lot of rice
2) Be staunchly relegious
3) Wear skirt like garments on men

It is just a code and like all codes this might fail too.

Like if we meet two sisters named Stairway and Heaven we might deduct that the parents may be
1) A fan of patchouli
2) Have a tattoo that they got in the back of a van
3) Hippies

All these may fall flat on their faces and have however it works with amazing regularity in India.


Correct .

The first names ALSO have a hidden meaning.
Every sunsign in Indian astrology has a few letters associated with it and the first name of the child is supposed to start from that letter. Like my rashi (sun sign) is Tula (Libra) and the Libra letters are R and T and I was named Tapan. This tells you the characterisitcs of a person. So in the olden days that also worked. Once again there was a reason for the name.

Names here don’t mean a lot and hence the famous saying of the Bard – ‘Whats in a name ?’ . Ironically a lot of kids today can’t spell Shakespear correctly. Take that Billy !!

In this day and age when domain names cost more than a real name and fights regularly prevail over the same I am tasked , along with my beautiful wife to chose a name for my child. This name that will be so much a part of her identity not to mention name calling . What do we do ? This time the slots fell in my favor. Its a girl so Mandy gets to choose. However I want to give atleast one kid a name after to forgotten sun signs. All the sunsigns have kids named after them.

Aries Check
Taurus Tori
Gemini Know more than one stripper named
Cancer ??
Leo Check
Virgo Virginia , Virginie etc
Libra Libertini etc
Scorpio Go to tattoo parlours and you will meet
Sagittarius Sage
Capricorn ??
Aquarius ??
Pisces ??

The above chart denotes that only four signs do NOT have names associated with them

So Cancer is out of question . Unless she decidedly starts bleeding me out of all my virtues and white blood cells.
That leaves Capricorn,Pisces and Aquarius. As much as I would love to be I am NOT a hippie and hence Aquarius is out of question.

That leaves Capricorn and Pisces. So there is a fair chance that I would name my kid

Capricorn Pisces Trivedi

Not on the birth certificate – on the playa.

Final thought :-
Your name is the only thing that is given to you that is yours and others use it more than you do. Despite the fact that most drones at the other end of the line do NOT get my name right (even if my wife is saying it) I have chosen against taking an American name. It means too much to me. It means someone who was born out of a lot of ‘Tapa’ – meditation . My parents lost three children before they got me. Before my birth my dad chanted the holy Gayatri mantra for 125000 times. They firmly believe that is the reason I was born and survived. I can’t let that get away from me. I may die !!

Tapan Trivedi

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