Mumbai Bomb Blasts – The Aftermath – or the lack of it.

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So the blasts story is a few days old and life – as predicted – is back on track in Mumbai.

A few short hours after the bombs shook the stations the same trains that were blasted started running again and people made it a point to take the same trains to send the message home .

Just like the last time Mumbai flooded the blood banks and around midnight they sent people home saying they had enough blood . Come back the next day. My brother in law went to donate blood but came back with all his blood intact. My sister – an ever hopeful – told him that if he had blood to donate he should work harder at his job and bring in more money .-Typical Indian housewife.

The crowds were back. Mumbai is a city of crowds. The smelly,crushing,not so friendly,cynical,my time is more prescious than your time,Hey watch out for the guy with the chickens on his head crowds. Physical contact which is more than brushing even while crossing the roads is normal. While this encompasses any metro in the world the Mumbaites are different in one respect. They have intense pride . Even though it may be misplaced at times they have always come together in times of difficulties and need.

However I need to point out a few things that are very apparent to me as an Indian.

There are only two nations that were created under completely relegious ideologies :-
* Israel
* Pakistan
While the former has emerged as a force to be reckoned with Pakistan retains its place in the modern world as the breeding ground of well funded , hard lined, brainwashed terrorists.

Fact :-
The majority of Taliban and Al Qaida emerged from the madarasas (relegious brainwashing schools) of Pakistan .
Fact :-
Bin Laden and other terrorists have often crossed the border into Pakistan and thrived .
Fact :-
The ISI , is the largest terrorist trainer in this world.
Fact :-
8 out of 10 Islamic terrorists get their initial and ongoing training in Pakistan.

So why are they our friends ? Wake up America this is the time to act .

Not till 9/11 did the U.S. wake up to the fundamental realization that Islamic terrorism is here to stay within our lifetimes and its best to deal with it head on – Iraq being the glaring exception.

Forget pointing our guns at either North Korea or Iran – Pakistan is the central lattice which is common to the entire Axis of Evil analogy. You destroy the central lattice and watch the dominoes fall.

Tapan Trivedi

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