Anti Ann Coulter 2 – The stupidity of Ann Coulter continues as I continue to disseminate it

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November 15, 2006
Desperate Coulter Grasping at shreds !!

In the past week, there are 476 documents on Nexis heralding the magnificent achievement of Nancy Pelosi becoming the FIRST WOMAN speaker of the House.
I thought we had moved beyond such multicultural milestones.

Now why would you say so ? Why is it a cultural milestone ? Do you think that the women follow a different milestones than men culturally ? It’s a societal milestone and that’s siginificant.
The media yawned when Condoleezza Rice became the first black female secretary of state (and when Lincoln Chafee became the first developmentally disabled senator).
Heralding Condoleezza Rice’s becoming the first black female secretary of state in the Bush administration is like heralding Lt.Uhura as being the first black woman on Star Trek. Her position is nothing but an intergalactic switchboard operator.Do you even realize Anne that the speaker of the House is actually an elected leader. The Secretary of State is actually a political appointee.  And besides the power that was yielded by Madeline Albright and the abilities that Condi has are vastly different. One has balls of steel welded to her courage – the other, unfortunately , has her hands tied at the hands of the administration who lowball her every opportunity they get. 9/11 commission hearings  anyone???
There were only 77 documents noting that Rice was the first black woman to be the secretary of state, and half of them were issues of Jet, Essence, Ebony or Black Entrepreneur magazine.
Ann, once again , in your anti Democratic sentiment you forget the concept of logical thought. You see, comparing Condi with Pelosi is like comparing apples and hubcaps. Compare Condi with Albright and then we have an idea.
A New York Times profile of Rice at the time waited until the last sentence to note in passing that Rice was “only the second woman, and the first black woman, to hold the job.” (In a separate column by me, it was noted that Rice was the “first competent woman” to hold the job.)
Ann, you can’t completely ignore the fact that it was the SAME New York Times who let Condi write the editorial ‘Why we know Iraq is lying ?’ I am still waiting for the Times to write an apology for that and while you are at it NY Times why don’t you let Pelosi write an editorial saying ‘Why we know Bush lied ?’. On second thoughts never mind. The people already know and showed it in this election. Why waste good ink after something that people know through word of mouth. Competent? You call someone who couldn’t even remember having a meeting about the Jihadist  attacks competent? What else is she forgetting? Come on, Anne , even someone as blind as you have to accept the flip flop that Condi put out on that issue.. Just put down the piano and focus on the job shall we. We already have a beautiful black girl playing piano – Alicia Keys but last I checked Keys doesn’t  have a strong opinion on the foreign policy!! You have TWO years left and you can make a difference – still. 
Not everyone ignored Secretary Rice’s achievement. Gore’s campaign manager, Donna Brazile — the last black person to hold a prominent role in any Democratic presidential campaign — told Newsweek that when she watched President Bush nominate Rice, “I had chills up and down my spine.” Brazile said: “I never thought in my lifetime I’d see an African-American woman being nominated as secretary of state. George Bush made that happen.”
The previous paragraph blatantly discloses the closet servitude of Ann Coulter to the Bush Administration. Quoting Donna Brazile . I would say that lets take her statements about George H.W. Bush . Donna Brazille famously quoted during the Dukakis- Bush election that George H.W.Bush needs to fess up about his affair with Jennifer Fitzgerald. Does that mean we believe that Daddy Bush did a little dilly dally on the side too?
Yes and  On MSNBC’s “Hardball,” even Al Sharpton said of Rice’s appointment, “I don’t think you can sneeze at the fact that she has made a tremendous achievement as the first black woman in history to be a State Department head.”
Does anyone take Al Sharpton seriously anymore ? Come on Ann, this is a lowball for you too. You are quoting a Reverend who made his chops being a black politician about a black successful Secretary of State ? What would you expect him to say ? The question is did Rummy say anything ? Did Cheney say anything ?
Rice was not the first black secretary of state because Bush had already made Colin Powell the first black secretary of state. That was back during Bush’s first term, when Rice was the first female national security adviser.Bush also named Alberto Gonzales the first Hispanic attorney general. He made an Arab-American, Spencer Abraham, secretary of energy; a Cuban-American, Carlos Gutierrez, secretary of commerce; an Asian-American, Elaine Chao, secretary of labor; and a retarded-American, Norman Mineta, secretary of transportation. It was as if Mariah Carey and Tiger Woods had children and they all joined the Bush Cabinet.Yup and they were ALL serving the scion of a rich failed president who firmly believes that minorities are best left rotting in water !!
The whole place has been lousy with women since the first Bush term, including Gale Ann Norton, secretary of the interior, Ann Veneman, secretary of agriculture, and Margaret Spellings, secretary of education. For a while there, it looked as if Bush might become the first president whose entire Cabinet’s menstrual cycles were synchronized.

You mean since Janet Reno, Madeline Albright and Hazel O Leary with the Clinton cabinet ? Are you blind or do you have nobody to do this research for you. No wait. You don’t care about research and your readers don’t really care as long as you are quoting what they believe.And are you completely ignoring the fact the Gale Norton was so pissed off at Bush’s no balls whatsoever policy she quit !!In a rare article taking note of Bush’s “Benetton-ad presidency,” Time magazine’s Joe Klein said of Bush’s second-term appointments: “It took Bush a month before he named a standard-issue white male.”

He didn’t need to . He already had the support of Trent Lott and that extremely racist guy Jesse Helms. Besides comparing Bush’s cabinet to the Benetton ads is like comparing apples to hubcaps . I know I am using the same analogy twice but calling Bush’s cabinet anything higher than a hubcap is an insult to all the nuts and bolts out there.
By contrast, John Kerry hired only white males for top positions in his presidential campaign, a fact so embarrassing that even the media eventually took notice. In Kerry’s defense, almost all of his and Teresa’s domestic servants appear to have been people of color, although we still don’t have a final head count on the place in Aspen.Ann did you find a picture on the Internet with a penis and two testicles attached to Mary Beth Cahill’s crotch or did you just forget the fact that she existed as the Campaign Manager for John Kerry  after the firing of Jim Jordan ???

But when Nancy Pelosi — another Democrat who married a multimillionaire — achieves the minor distinction of becoming the first female speaker of the House, The New York Times acts like she’s invented cold fusion.
A Democrat who married a multimillionaire. That is your characterization of Pelosi. This is a woman who raised FIVE kids then entered politics. Do you know that she grew up in a household being the youngest of SIX kids? Never mind the fact that Pelosi has been elected NINE TIMES by the people of this country. Consider this Ann – Pelosi is exactly what you are fearful of. She has the body and demeanor of Carmela Soprano with the guts of Tony! 
There were two major articles breathlessly reporting Pelosi’s magnificent achievement as first female speaker and an op-ed by Bob Herbert, titled “Ms. Speaker and Other Trends.” Beatifying Pelosi as “the most powerful woman ever to sit in Congress,” Herbert began: “Sometimes you can actually feel the winds of history blowing.” There was a major Times profile of Pelosi, gushing that Pelosi was “on the brink of becoming the first female speaker.” (Isn’t she just the most independent little gal?) Yes. All this is good. I hope this continues.
So in addition to bringing back a cut-and-run national security strategy, tax-and-spend domestic policy and a no-enforcement immigration policy, the new Democratic Congress is apparently ushering in a return to feminist milestones. 
Yup. Feminist milestones that the Republicans have spent years trying to erode.

I warned you people about what might happen if “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” ever caught on, and now you’ve got no one but yourselves to blame. Happy now? I don’t know Ann. What would happen ? I don’t know but I am afraid that if I don’t take little Grace to my work from time to time she might become a right wing column writer.






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