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Tapan’s Appearances for the year 2008 Click here for 2007 dates



YEAR 2008


Jan 5th

Private Gig – Patel Birthday Party 


Jan 10th

Black Oak Casino


Jan 12th

GodFather Ceremony


Jan 14th

Club Deluxe San Francisco


Jan 19th

Private Gig in San Jose, Ca - Tentative


Jan 20th

Shah Birthday Party in Dublin,Ca


Jan 25th,26th,27th

Real World Seminar MC Ing and Hosting – All Day


Jan 26th

Louie’s Sacramento SaturdayFunnies 9 pm


Jan 29th -31st

Punchline San Francisco


Feb 2nd

Shah Birthday Party at Golden Peacock


Feb 6th

Rooster T Feathers 


Feb 8th

High School Show with Ali Wong in SF


Feb 11th

Punchline San Francisco-Hey You wanna come to the Comedy Show


Feb 15,16th,17th

Corporate Weekend Los Angeles for S.C.


Feb 18th


Feb 22,23,24

Beach House in MorroBay. – Private Gig


Mar 11th


Mar 14th


Mar 16th


Mar 27 – 30

San Jose Improv with Rex Navarette


April 2nd

Sequoia Restaurant in Placerville


April 12th

Atheist Wedding - Sacramento


April 13th


April 19th

Private Birthday Gig in OrangeCounty (Tentative).


April 23rd

HBO Def Comedy Jam auditions at Sacramento Punchline


Apr 24th-27th


May 3rd


May 5th


May 7-8-9


May 10th


May 16th


May 17th

Church gig in Sacramento


May 18th

Corporate Gig – Santa Clara,Ca


May 21st

Hosting Competition in Sunnyvale


May 24th

Comedy Marathon (Tentative)


May 30-31


June 6 – 7


June 8th

IAAD Delaware (Tentative)


June 13th-14th


          June 18-22

 The Great American Comedy Festival


June 20 – 21


July 12th

Wedding , Del Mar,Ca (San Diego)


July 17th – 20th

Pepperbellys Comedy Club Fairfield,Ca


July 23rd


July 24th


August 1st

Laugh Trax Live in Stockton,Ca


Aug 13th

Punchline Comedy Club Sacramento


Aug 14th -17th


August 20,21,22,24th


Aug 23rd


Sept 6th  7th

Raleigh Theatre , Hollywood


Sept 10th

Pundits with Punchlines at the Hollywood Improv


Sept 17th

Taping for a pilot


Sept 24th

Headlining Coexist Comedy at Rooster T Feathers


Oct 2nd

Headlining Coexist Comedy at Pepperbellys


Oct 7th

Headlining Coexist Comedy at The Comedy Store South


Oct 8th

Headlining Coexist Comedy at The Comedy Store Hollywood


Oct 10th

Headlining Coexist Comedy at The State Theatre in Modesto


Oct 31st,Nov 1st, Nov 2nd

Pundits with Punchlines at Tommy Ts


Oct 20-27th

Featuring for a private week in Hawaii


Oct 30th

Black Oak Casino


Nov 14th

Headlining Coexist Comedy at The Throckmorton Theatre


Dec 12th

Headlining Coexist Comedy at The Crest Theatre